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General Information


ShanDong Agricultural and Engineering University (SDAEU) is an undergraduate institution of higher education approved by the Ministry of Education of the P.R.China. The predecessor of the school was the “May 7th” Cadre School established in June 1971 in ShanDong. Afterwards, it was renamed as the “May 7th” Cadre School of Provincial Authority, the ShanDong Agricultural and Forestry Cadre School, the ShanDong Agricultural Management Cadre College, and ShanDong Agriculture and Engineering University in April, 2013 as its present form.

SDAEU comprises two campuses, namely Jinan campus and North Campus in two different cities (Jinan and Qihe), which cover a land of about 1.78 million square meters. There are now 16 teaching departments, among the whole full-time teachers of 579, there are 201 professors with senior titles, 421 doctorate and master degree teachers, 2 specially hired academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 experts enjoyed the special government allowances issued by the State Council, 1 core teacher of the Ministry of Education, 1 expert of the provincial expert group of agricultural experts, 3 experts of the provincial modern agricultural industry technology system, and 1 expert of “653 project” of the provincial agricultural sector, 1 outstanding teacher, 7 excellent teachers, and 3 advanced individuals of the province. The school now consists 18 undergraduates majors and 37 associated majors. The professional setting covers six disciplines, namely engineering, agronomy, management, economics, literature and art. At present, there are more than 12,000 full-time students. The school has a national-level teaching reform pilot program, 9 provincial-level reform pilots and specialties, 1 provincial high-level application-oriented construction professional group, 1 provincial-level applied talent development support program, 2 provincial-level engineering majors jointly built by school and enterprise and 22 provincial-level exquisite courses, which established a good platform for the cultivation of applied talents. SDAEU has set up 83 experimental and training centers, and also built a multi-functional ecological garden, which covers an area of 33 hectares, with total teaching and learning equipment reaching 64 million yuan, and the library has a collection of 840,000 volumes of books, and 101 Off-campus internship training and employment base throughout the province. The school’s teaching construction and reform has achieved outstanding results. It has won one first-level award for provincial teaching achievement and seven second and third prizes.

In June 2012, SDAEU was identified by the National Civil Service Bureau as the first batch of “National Administration Public Service Characteristic Practical Education Base” and it is one of the country’s 10 featured practical education bases. The school was awarded the advanced group of ShanDong Spark Science and Technology, the advanced group of Science and Technology Promoting Agriculture of ShanDong, the “excellent” grade of employment evaluation of ShanDong Provincial Personnel Department, the outstanding college of moral education in ShanDong, and the “Safe Campus” of ShanDong Higher Education Institution, one of “ the 2017 most characteristic universities” in ShanDong Education Festival, “2017 ShanDong University Moral Education Award” and other honorary titles.

Since 2010, SDAEU has undertaken 13 national-level projects and 103 provincial and ministerial-level projects. It has obtained more than 40 national patent authorizations, formulated 18 national or local standards, and won 6 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards. It also undertakes training tasks for the civil servants of the eastern and western parts of the country, leading agricultural cadres at the county level and new-type farmers, and trains more than 3,000 personnel at all levels. The school has established friendly and cooperative relationship with many universities such as Australia and South Korea.

SDAEU attaches great importance to the students’ all-round development and individualized growth. The theme of cultural activities is increasingly enriched, such as the Arts and Culture Festival for Students, and the Community Cultural Festival. And “Sound of Spring”, “Breeze of Summer”, “Rhythm of Autumn” and “Fire of Winter” have become increasingly prominent in the cultural and sports activities. Since 2015, the students have won nearly 400 provincial or higher awards in mathematics modeling and other national and provincial professional skills competitions, and student societies have won 31 national awards for excellence in Campus Cultural Construction in universities of the country, and 84 the Provincial Cultural Construction Excellent Achievement Award. 

Since the 13th five-year plan, the school has always adhered to the guidelines and policies on higher education of the Party and the state, and has always stuck to the strategy of “building school with quality, strengthening school with talents, developing school with science and research, and casting school with distinctive features”, adhered to the characteristics of agricultural engineering, taken engineering as the main part, served the modern agricultural industry as the main line, promoted the coordinated development of multi-disciplines of industry, agriculture, economy and management, cultivated modern agricultural engineers and country designers with ideal and conviction, solid theoretical basis, good engineering literacy, and outstanding practical ability. At present, the whole university is implementing the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and is striving to build the school into a high-level modernized application-oriented university.

(December, 2017)


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