• PH.D Gongming Yang, Food and Medicine Management Administration of American Federal Government, Pays a Visit to SDAEU
  • President JixingZhao of Pyeongtaek University Pays a Visit to Our College and Participates in the Opening Ceremony of Sino-Korea Center for Language and Culture
  • Our College Delegation Visits Australia University
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Message from the President


Welcome to Shandong Agriculture and Engineering University!

Shandong Agriculture and Engineering University (SDAEU) is a full-time state-run institute of higher learning approved by Chinese Ministry of Education. The predecessor of the university was established in 1971. It is a school with flourishing general higher education, prominent advantages of cadre education, strong teaching staff, perfect infrastructure for running a school, and excellent overall quality of graduates, and full of vigor and vitality.

In the long process of running a university, SDAEU has always met the economic and social development needs of Shandong, kept pace with the strategic adjustment of higher education and abided by the law of higher education. It has taken a road of building an applied undergraduate university featuring agricultural engineering. It has proactively adapted to the needs of regional economic and social development, and served the orientation of serving the modern agriculture.  With the features of agricultural engineering, it takes engineering as the mainstay, multidisciplinary and coordinated development as the subject development orientation, including engineering, agronomy, management, economics, literature and art. It also aims to cultivate modern agricultural engineers with firm ideal and faith, solid theoretical foundation, excellent  engineering accomplishments and outstanding practical abilities as its overall goal of talents cultivation orientation.

Looking into the future, we will stick together with all teachers and students to unite our efforts, deepen the reform, pioneer and innovate, and make arduous efforts to build Shandong Agricultural and Engineering University into a modernized applied undergraduate university!

Thanks to all the communities for your attention and support for the Shandong Agricultural and Engineering University!

 (May, 2017)


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