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Project Illustration on Sino-Korea Center for Language and Culture of SDAEU

A friendly intercollegiate agreement has been formally signed between Shandong Agricultural and Engineering University and Pyeongtaek University. Both sides respectively appointed Division of Exchange and Cooperation, SDAEU and International Education College, Pyeongtaek University to jointly establish Sino-Korea Center for Language and Culture of SDAEU, in which both universities develop project cooperation, the project details can be specified as follows: 

Parties of this Agreement:

Shandong Agricultural and Engineering University, PRC (Party A as follows)

Pyeongtaek University (Party B as follows) 


All associate-degree students and undergraduate students admitted by passing the College Entrance Examination who are interested in further study in Korea. 


Provide students concerned above opportunities for further study (undergraduate, postgraduate) in Korea. 


In September, 2014, both sides formally signed “An Agreement of Building Partner Universities between SDAEU and Pyeongtaek University” and “An Agreement of Mutual Recognition Credits between SDAEU and Pyeongtaek University”. In October, 2014, “Cooperation Agreement between Division of Exchange and Cooperation of SDAEU and International Education College of Pyeongtaek University” was signed, and the Sino-Korea Center for Language and Culture was jointly set up. 

Contents of Cooperation

To these students who tend to go for further study in Korea, they have to take language training in the 1st term in their junior (associate degree) or in senior (undergraduate), then go on for language learning in Korea in the 2nd term. Students can be undergraduate or post undergraduate only if pass the TOPIK 3 or higher level.


Given that graduates of the program meet the requirements of both parties, they will receive a diploma from Shandong Agricultural and Engineering University and a diploma from Pyeongtaek University.


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