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Introduction to Shandong Agriculture and Engineering University

Shandong Agriculture and Engineering University (SDAEU) is a provincial general undergraduate universityin Shandong Province. In 1953, the Shandong Provincial People’s Government approved its establishment as Shandong Provincial Agricultural and Forestry Cadre School. During this period, it was divided into Shandong Provincial Agricultural Cadre School and Shandong Forestry Cadre School. Around 1959, it was combined into Shandong Provincial Agricultural and Forestry Cadre School, and then it went through several phases such as the“May7th”Cadre School of Shandong Provincial Government, resumed the Shandong Agricultural and Forestry Cadre School in 1979, rebuilt it as the Shandong Agricultural Management CadreSchoolin 1983, and renamedas the Shandong Agriculture and Engineering University in 2013.


68 years has forged the school’s fine tradition of hard work and the spirit of striving for progress, and formed the school motto of "Be Virtual, Be Powerful, Be Truthful, Be Earnestly Practical", and the school spirit of "Be Diligent,Be Hardworking,Be Elaborate,Be innovative" And the school-running philosophy of "student-centered, education-oriented, development based on service, and strong connotation based on characteristics". The school closely focuses on the fundamental task of fostering people, and is committed to cultivating high-quality applied talents with solid professional foundation, strong practical ability,fine adaptability, patriotism, innovative spirit,enthusiasmfor agriculture. The school's running level and comprehensive strength have been significantly improved, the school-running characteristics of "agricultural-engineering integration" have been initially formed, and it has been rated as an excellent university for moral education in Shandong colleges and universities, and an advanced collective of science and technology in Shandong.


Teaching conditions: The school now comprises three campuses, Jinan, Qihe and Zibo, covering an area of 3,682.13 mu (about 246 hectares),with a total value of 103.5million yuan for teaching and scientific research equipment,a collection of 1.06 million volumes of books and periodicals in the library. There are 52 organizational laboratories, including 10 school-enterprise laboratories, an agricultural and forestry professional internship training base covering an area of 500mu, two key laboratories of universities in Shandong, namely, intelligent facility agricultural technology and application, and post-harvest quality control and comprehensive utilization of characteristic agricultural products.Cooperate to build one academician workstation, four provincial engineering technology centers and engineering laboratories, and one provincial collaborative innovation center.There are 76 off-campus internship training bases.


Teaching staff: There are 814 faculty members, including 593 full-time teachers, among them there are 53 professors, 155 associate professors, 59 with doctor degrees and 455 with masters. There are also 148 external teachers. Now the school has one with the title of“Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Shandong”, one with the title of Rural Star of Qilu, two provincial teaching teams, 2 Shandong Worker Pioneer (team) and learning organizations, and 16 won provincial honorary titles such as the“Top Ten Masters of Shandong Universities and Colleges”, the“Famous Teacher of Shandong”, the“Outstanding Teacher of Shandong”, the labor medal of“Enriching the People and revitalizing Qilu”, the“Red Flag Bearer of the March 8th”, the“Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker of Shandong”, the“Outstanding CPC Member of Shandong education system”, etc.

Talent cultivation: There are 15 schools and departments, 30 undergraduate majors, 20 junior college majors, covering agronomy, engineering, economics, management and other disciplines. There are 12,513 full-time students. The school has deeply promoted the construction and reform of new engineering and agricultural sciences, and vigorously implemented the“Three Excellent Projects” (Excellent subjects, Excellent majors, Excellent courses), and the construction and reform have achieved outstanding results. Now it has one provincial high-level application-oriented project construction professional group, four provincial first-class majors, 9 provincial education reform pilots and specialty majors, one provincial applied talent training and development support program major; two national first-class courses, nine provincial-level first-class courses; two national new agricultural science research and reform pilot projects, 131 industry-university cooperative education projects of the Ministry of Education; two first prizes of provincial teaching achievements, nine second and third prizes.


Scientific research: Strengthen theoretical research and applied research. In the past three years, the school has undertaken five national-level projects, 119 provincial and ministerial-level projects, 32 department-level projects, and 15 horizontal projects; won one second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, five provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards, 23 department-level awards; 85 national patent authorizations, formulated 26 local standards, and obtained 68 software copyrights; published 43 textbooks, and 183 papers in core journals and above, among them, 106 articles are included in SCI, EI, CSSCI and CPCI.


Exchange and cooperation: The school strengthens school-local, school-enterprise cooperation, integrates social resources, and has successively cooperated with Shandong Provincial Institute of Land Surveying and mapping, Shandong Forestry Germplasm Resource Center, 360 Group, Hekangyuan Group and other scientific research institutes and leading enterprises in the industry, jointly builds a collaborative education platform and an internship training base, and jointly establishes the Smart Agriculture Industry School with Dingli Group to jointly build electrical engineering and automation, software technology, and marketing majors. The school also strengthens international exchanges and cooperation, carry out Sino-Australian cooperation program, and establish friendly cooperative relations with more than 20 universities in South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Poland, Thailand, and Taiwan Province.


Jinan Campus: 866 Nongganyuan Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, P.R.China, 250100

North Campus: 699 Qiyan Road, Qihe County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, P.R.China, 251100

Tel: 86-531-88117897

Admissions Call: 86-531-88913864/85593864

Fax: 86-531-88117809

Email: bgs@sdaeu.edu.cn