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Logo & Motto

Motto:Be Virtual, Be Powerful, Be Truthful, Be Earnestly Practical

Spirit:Be Diligent,Be Hardworking,Be Elaborate,Be innovative

Logo Paraphrase:

The logo of SDAEU is is based on the gradual green color that represents hope. The outline shape is concise circular,the interior is supplemented with various elements, which fully reflects the school's philosophy and humanistic spirit.

The calligraphy style of the logo is Mao Zedong style. Its English name is "SHANDONG AGRICULTURE AND ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY".

"1953" is the year the school was founded.

The main color of the school logo uses gradual green, which means that the school has continued to develop and grow stronger since its establishment. In addition, green conforms to the characteristics of agricultural universities, and indicates the vigorous development of the school, which expresses firm belief in the future development of the school.

The main color green of the school logo is the dark filled part of the gradient color, and the auxiliary color green is the light part of the gradient color (except the gear center color). Yellow is the auxiliary color of the gear center (applied to the highlight part of the rising sun), and orange is the main fill color of the gear center (applied to the main color part of the rising sun).

The wheat ear reflects that the school is an agricultural university, which expresses that the school shoulders the important task of revitalizing modern agriculture. The unfolded book reflects the school's fundamental mission to strengthen moral education and cultivate people, symbolizing the school's teaching and educating achievements all over the world, showing the school's vision and responsibility for the country and society in cultivating talents. The gear represents engineering as its mainsubject, and the green color of the gear implies sustainable development. The gear, together with the image of wheat ears, mirrors the school's engineering asits main subject, agricultural engineering as its feature, serving modern agriculture as its main line, and multi-disciplinary coordinated development of the discipline professional system. The orange-red color in the middle of the gear is like a rising sun, which means that the outstanding talents cultivated by SDAEU carry the hope of agricultural engineering. The golden is like the sun, with endless power. The figure lifts below represents the effectiveness of the school's teaching and education. The characters are upright and strong, expressing that the school's application-oriented talents training is accurate in running a school and the students trained are responsible and accomplished. Three stars symbolize the large number of talents cultivated by SDAEU, the beautiful vision of thriving like a spark and the hope passed down by the spark.

The latest Update: Jan, 2021

Jinan Campus: 866 Nongganyuan Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, P.R.China, 250100

North Campus: 699 Qiyan Road, Qihe County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, P.R.China, 251100

Tel: 86-531-88117897

Admissions Call: 86-531-88913864/85593864

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