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Students from the School of Economic Management Won Great Result in the 2nd National Supply Chain Competition

Recently, the second national supply chain competition hosted by the China Federation of Logistics and purchasing came to an end, Eight students majoring in logistics engineering from the School of Economic Management of our school have won the first prize and one second prize in the 2nd National Supply Chain Competition.The competition focuses on supply chain Operation Management, supply chain...

DETAILS TIME:2021-06-24

Students of the School of Economic Management Won the Third Prize in the Competition of "SinoTrans Cup" 7th National Contest on Logistics Design by University Students(NCOLD)

On April 22 to 25, the finals of the 7th National Contest On Logistics Design by University Students of "SinoTrans Cup" was held in Beijing. The first team of SDAEU, which is composed of 2018 material engineering students Zhang Zhemin, Ma Meichen, Ma Min, Cao Youpo, and Han Guangyan under the guidance of Zheng Aimin and Chang Peipei, won the national third prize. The second team of SDAEU compos...

DETAILS TIME:2021-04-28

SDAEU held the 16th Science, Technology, Culture and Arts Festival "Spring Rhyme" Dance Contest

​On the evening of April 8th, to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the Party, the 16th Science, Technology, Culture and Art Festival "Spring Rhyme" Dance Competition hosted by the Youth League Committee of our school was grandly held in the academic lecture hall of the Qihe campus. Responsible members of the Student Affairs Office, Youth League Committee, North Campus Management Off...

DETAILS TIME:2021-04-09

SDAEU Won the Outstanding Organization Award of the 6th Shandong College Students' 'Internet+'Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

​Recently, the Department of Educationof Shandong announced the list of winners of the Outstanding Organization Award in the 2020 Shandong College Students' 'Internet+'Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Our school actively prepared and organized well and won the Outstanding Organization Award.Since the start of the competition, the school has meticulously planned and mobilized extens...

DETAILS TIME:2020-12-03

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